Thursday, September 20, 2012

Words Might Be Less But Not Dissapear

The wind is changing.  I can feel her, Fall, on her way.  Even though I have chills upon my arms, it warms me to know that a new season is romancing us.  I'm unsure what this means for me, or my words here.

Some of you know that I'm also Heather.  The name that I was born with.  I have a family and I write online for them too.  I'm also the photographer and artist behind Chaotic Beauty Photography. 

I've been on a journey.  I've needed this space for many reasons.  It's safe.  A hiding place of sorts from the negativity that came with some hearing my words.  With my husband's help, I'm making steps back.  He has asked that I start writing more of my words on our family site since it's part of our family journey.  This scares me.  And excites me.

All this to say..

I need my tribe.  You.  Words might be less here.  But they wont disappear.  I love you all and treasure your comments and support.


  1. You know I am hear my willow, my heather. I am following along on all of these journeys. <3

  2. You are right, this is a special site. You have created something very precious here - it is one of my most favourite blogs and I too feel that safety here - but I also understand why (and how) other places need your voice too. So spread your wings and soar.
    Do not worry about your words - you are eloquent and perceptive. There is NOTHING wrong with them.
    And remember, little Willow, the trees do not fear the winter.

  3. This is your Declaration Place, Braveheart ... it is marked with {bold-red} courage and translucently wrapped in both glowing mystery and sparkly discovery. Your Tribe is near. Always. ~Loving you {always} ♥