Friday, August 31, 2012

A Morning Poem. Building Wings

Oh @mandamichelle I am undone!  Thank you SO much!!  #rebirth #buildingwings

Every morning 
the world wakes up
all around me
and I watch. 

I sip my coffee
warm in my hands
and listen as the birds sing
their morning songs.

I too have a morning song,
a wild woman 
somewhere deep within me
that sings at the dawn of a new day.

She sings of 
new adventures
new discoveries
and building wings.


  1. i love your waking song....
    the waking wild...
    your wild becomes you.

  2. I love this.
    I love the fact that there are those in this world who wake with wild, morning songs that sing in the dawn.
    I love it that they open their hearts to new adventures.
    I love it that there are those who would fly with the morning songs of the birds and are prepared to build new wings.
    I love it that there are those who will not listen to the old stories that would keep them earthbound and unable to see the wonder and glory in sunlight and life.
    I love it that I live in a world where there are those like you who let their songs be heard.
    Thank you.

    1. Thank you for these encouraging words. They feed my soul.

  3. In the mornings there *is* something still wild lingering in the air, I feel it to. At times the world seems to come together and fall apart with each breath. And now, here I sit, pondering your beautiful poem, unsure where I am, what I hear, who I am.

    1. I love that we all feel it together. Right now. With each breath. Your words are like water.

  4. lovely. the wild makes me smile, i'm feeling it too.

  5. I will return here to read you.
    I feel comforted.